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GRANT PARK, CHICAGO, IL - June 2, 2012 at noon

The goal of the parade is "Celebrating the Vegan/Vegetarian Lifestyle!" Featuring guest speakers, a costume contest, and tons of fun, the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade (CVPP) will be a wonderful all-encompassing event to support local vegans and vegetarians, as well as to raise awareness in the general public about the benefits of a plant-based diet. We encourage everyone, vegans or not, to come and walk, socialize, learn, and of course celebrate the Veg lifestyle with us!

We welcome all vegans, vegetarians, and any supporters of a plant-based diet in the greater Chicago area (and in the entire Midwest) who would like to give or receive support in their choices, whether they are based on Ethical, Environmental, Health or Spiritual reasons. The mission of the parade is to unify the voices of everyone who sees an advantage to a plant-based diet and wishes to share and promote it (for the sake of the animals, environment, or our personal health/health of our loved ones). This unified voice will help to make a strong impact on promoting a plant-based diet and will bring public attention to the global importance of our food choices. Let us all unite and inspire others to join us!

The Veggie Pride Parade has been held annually in Paris since 2001, but later has also been emulated in other cities and spread throughout the world.  It has been very successful in New York for many years (see the photo) and now we are bringing it to Chicago! Please join the very first Chicago Veggie Pride Parade!


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