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The very first Chicago Veggie Pride Parade (CVPP) is currently in a planning stage for 2012 by ChicagoVeg – Community for Chicagoland Vegetarians, Vegans, Raw Foodists and their friends, and a number of local Vegan and Animal Rights activists. The parade organizers do not get paid. They donate their time and efforts absolutely free of charge. They are inspired by volition to support their local community and promote a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle to the general public.

The first Chicago Veggie Pride Parade Organizational Meeting took place on January 28, 2012.  For more info, go to:

Since this time, our CVPP Core Team has conducted numerous organizational meetings on a bimonthly basis.

Please join our Meetup group ( to be informed about upcoming CVPP organizational meetings and for an opportunity to participate in them (to be a part of the CVPP Core Team).


    Vadim Moskalin, CVPP Executive Committee Lead
Vadim has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University and a Masters in Business Administration from Roosevelt University. Vadim is the founder of ChicagoVeg - the largest (2,000+ members strong) Chicagoland Community for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Raw Foodists. In the last (2011) year alone the group offered 44 events to supports local vegans/vegetarians and promote veganism/vegetarianism in the Chicago area. While assuring success of the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade, Vadim is also involved with an initiative to spread the Veggie Pride movement throughout North America (
    Jess McGarry, CVPP Outreach Committee Lead
Jess joined the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade planning team because she is passionate about educating people on the benefits of the plant-based diet. When she is not working on the parade she is working to help folks with their home mortgages and with her consultant business educating women and men on vegan skin care, makeup, vitamins and overall well being. In addition to serving as the Outreach Committee Lead, she was instrumental in organizing numerous CVPP planning events.
    Steven Skaff, CVPP Operations Committee Lead
Steven has a Bachelors degree from Iowa State University in Management Information Systems. He has lived in the Chicago area for the past 9 years, and he owns and runs the vegetarian grocery website Steven dedicated a lot of time and effort to the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade, first doing an outstanding job serving on the Finance Committee and now leading the Operations Committee.
    Kseniya Polinsky, CVPP Finance Committee Lead
Kseniya graduated from UIC with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. Kseniya operates her own business at a concession stand in front of the Adler Planetarium, offering only vegetarian products. Currently, she is devoting most of her free time to helping with the Veggie Pride Parade as well as some other volunteer projects. Kseniya has done a great job of fundraising and grant writing, arranging a firm financial foundation for the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade.
    LeoLin Lopez, CVPP Media/Press Coordinator

Leolin graduated from UIUC with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She became vegan in 2009 after spending the summer at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York caring for rescued farm animals. In addition to working on the parade, she is a writer for the blog ThisdishisVeg as well as her own blog CrunchyandHappy where she discusses and explores the vegan lifestyle through stories of parenting, beauty, animals, nutrition, and food. In addition to being the Press/Media Coordinator, LeoLin is managing the Costume Contest and prizes.

    Jessica Stowell, CVPP Volunteer Coordinator

Jessica has a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Geography and has worked as a GIS and data analyst in the past. Last year she decided to pursue a career in nursing. She is currently a nursing assistant and she will start nursing school in the fall. A vegetarian for over ten years, she became vegan overnight after listening to the Vegetarian Food for Thought podcast. Jessica is dedicated to promote veganism by making the first Chicago Veggie Pride Parade a reality!



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