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The second Chicago Veggie Pride Parade (CVPP) is organized by ChicagoVeg – Chicagoland Vegetarian and Vegan Community, and a number of local Vegan advocates who are inspired to support their local community and promote a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle to the general public.

Please join our Meetup group ( to be informed about upcoming CVPP organizational meetings and for an opportunity to participate in them (to be a part of the CVPP Core Team).


    Vadim Moskalin, CVPP Executive Committee Lead
Vadim has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University and a Masters in Business Administration from Roosevelt University. Vadim is the founder of ChicagoVeg - the largest (2,700+ members strong) Chicagoland Community for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Raw Foodists. In the past two years the group offered over 100 events to supports local vegans/vegetarians and promote veganism/vegetarianism in the Chicago area. While assuring success of the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade, Vadim is also involved with an initiative to spread the Veggie Pride movement throughout North America (
    LeoLin Lopez, CVPP Outreach Committee Lead
Leolin has a Bachelors degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in Psychology. She went vegan in 2009 after spending the summer working at the Farm Sanctuary. She currently owns a vegan health, wellness and beauty company where she teaches people about safe, pure and beneficial personal care ingredients and products. She also writes the blog Beauty Shouldn't Hurt. She served on the Operations and Outreach Committees for the first Veggie Pride Parade and continues to dedicate her time and energy to make the 3rd Annual Chicago Veggie Pride Parade bigger, better, and more fun!
    Andrea Zenobi, CVPP Operations Committee Lead
Andrea has a Bachelor of Arts from Central Connecticut State University and works as the Property Manager for a Shopping Center in Chicago. She was vegetarian for 7 years before going vegan in 2010 after discovering more information about animal cruelty that encouraged her to choose veganism. She has two dogs, Daisy and Bella, who are also vegan! While she joined the Leadership Team later than others, Andrea has tirelessly invested her time and energy to do everything possible to assure the success of the 2nd Annual Chicago Veggie Pride Parade.
    Ken Mick, CVPP Finance Committee Lead
Ken graduated from Tulane University with a BSE in Chemical Engineering. He went vegetarian 18 years ago, then adopted the vegan way, and is now primarily high carb raw vegan. A native of Chicago, Ken has obtained a Series 7 license, is self-employed and is currently studying for the Project Management Professional certification exam. He is a year-round bicycle rider, Chicago jazz fan, and vegan ultra-runner. Ken has done a great job of fundraising and grant writing, arranging a firm financial foundation for the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade.
    Fatenah Issa, CVPP Technology Committee Lead
Fatenah earned a Bachelors degree in Mathematics at Loyola University, Chicago and a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics at Northeastern University as well as an eLearning certificate from Roosevelt University. She currently works as a Multimedia Instruction Coordinator for the University of Chicago Medicine. Fatenah discovered ChicagoVeg several years ago in trying to find a resource to move from being a vegetarian for 15 years to becoming vegan. Now, some three years later, she successfully continues a vegan lifestyle. While serving as technology lead Fatenah has helped in many other ways to make the CVPP a success.
    Terry Hagio, CVPP Event Activities Coordinator
Terry has a Bachelors degree from Knox College in Computer Science and Math and is currently pursuing her MBA at Keller Graduate School of Management. She went vegan 2 years ago after initially going vegetarian 17 years ago. She loves the plant based lifestyle and tries to promote it wherever possible. She ran her first half marathon two years ago and plans to run the Chicago marathon this fall. Terry's experience in Project Management and her tireless enthusiasm full of the positive energy makes her perfect team player and Event Activities Coordinator.
    Terrie Nutter, CVPP Event Activities Coordinator
Carrie received a B.A. in Psychology and M.S. in Management of Public Services from DePaul University and a M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Rush University. She became a vegetarian in 1993 and a vegan in 2008. She currently works as an occupational therapist at Chicago Public Schools with students in pre-school through high school and promotes the human-animal bond at Freedom Woods Equestrian Center with equines as her “co-therapists”. Carrie helps many animal rights and environmental groups while doing an excellent job contributing her talents to Chicago Veggie Pride Parade as an outstanding event organizer.



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